Secondary Prices

Secondary pricing can range drastically from one area to another. To keep things simple we have selected pricing from Justin’s House of Bourbon to give you the historical trends beginning in 2021 through today.

Justin’s House of Bourbon is a premier bourbon liquor store in Lexington, KY, 20 minutes away from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, that specializes in selling rare and limited released bottles.

Kentucky law allows Justin’s House of Bourbon to purchase unopened bottles from individuals for the purpose of reselling. As side note, they also provide bourbon appraisals for your personal collections.

The tables below reflect the prices at the Buffalo Trace Distillery and Justin’s House of Bourbon for comparison.

Single Oak Project wasn’t available for sale but online sites range from $350.00 to $500.00

Buffalo Trace Distillery6/30/2021%12/31/2021%6/30/2022%
Blanton’s Single Barrel$63.000%$63.000%$63.000%
Buffalo Trace $27.000%$27.000%$27.000%
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch$43.000%$43.000%$43.000%
Eagle Rare$34.000%$34.000%$34.000%
Sazerac Rye$30.000%$30.000%$30.000%
Single Oak Project$74.000%$74.000%$74.000%
W.L. Weller Special Reserve$30.000%$30.000%$30.000%

Justin’s House of Bourbon6/30/2021%12/31/2021%6/30/2022%
Blanton’s Single Barrel$199.990%$224.9913%$249.9911%
Buffalo Trace $29.990%$44.9950%$44.990%
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch$149.990%$179.9920%$199.9911%
Eagle Rare$99.990%$99.990%$119.9920%
Sazerac Rye$89.990%$89.990%$89.990%
Single Oak Projectnananananana
W.L. Weller Special Reserve$84.990%$89.996%$99.9911%