What Buffalo Trace Is Selling Today And Predictions For Tomorrow, June 22, 2022

Buffalo Trace’s gift shop release for Tuesday, June 21, 2022, was Blanton’s according to the Buffalo Trace Distillery product availability site.

Blanton’s was the 2nd odds on favorite choice from yesterday’s blog post.

This item is eligible for purchase if you haven’t purchased the same bottle since Wednesday, March 23, 2022, in accordance with the Buffalo Trace 90-day rule.

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Bottle of Blanton's Bourbon
Gift Shop Price $63.00 Plus Tax

Buffalo Trace’s gift shop release odds for Tuesday, June 21, 2022:

Eagle Rare52.21%
E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch28.39%
W.L. Weller Special Reserve14.41%
Sazerac Rye2.69%
Single Oak Project0.00%

The odds are calculated using historical data and are not a guarantee. We want to encourage everyone to visit the Buffalo Trace Distillery even if the bottle they wish for isn’t the odds-on favorite for that day. 

Below is a summary of Buffalo Trace’s last seven limited releases for reference. Click on 2022 Gift Shop Release by Date under the Limited Release Data dropdown menu on the homepage for a full view of all the releases for the year.

06/15/22WednesdayE.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch
06/17/22FridayW.L. Weller Special Reserve
06/18/22SaturdayE.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch
06/19/22SundaySazerac Rye
06/20/22MondayW.L. Weller Special Reserve

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2 thoughts on “What Buffalo Trace Is Selling Today And Predictions For Tomorrow, June 22, 2022

  1. Hello there. I read your blog daily and love it. I remember reading in one of the blogs a few months back about you seeing a certain bourbon being sold on certain days every year. Could you share that with me or tell me what date the blog was so I can look it up again? Thanks.

    1. This was posted for our June contest but was removed at the end of the month.

      “Over the past year, we have noticed some happy coincidences regarding when certain bottles are released.

      For example, this year on March 3rd, the Buffalo Trace Distillery released E.H. Taylor, Small Batch, which is the only Bottled in Bond product sold at the gift shop. Last year, the distillery was closed on March 3rd, but they released E.H. Taylor, Small Batch the day they opened. The reason we bring this up is that The Bottled in Bond Act was passed on March 3rd, back in 1897. This likely wasn’t random but a happy coincidence by the good people at Buffalo Trace.

      Other examples that we’ve noticed include…
      Blanton’s on April 2nd – Opening day of Keeneland’s spring meet (horse topper).
      W.L. Weller Special Reserve on June 20th (Father’s Day) – Weller uses the same mash bill as the “Pappy” product line.
      Eagle Rare on July 4th – Independence Day/Nation’s emblem.
      Blanton’s on August 5th – Elmer T. Lee’s Birthday (the creator of Blanton’s).”

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