September Contest Winner

Congratulations to Joyce from Kentucky for winning the September contest!

Check out how which team was the most popular answer in the September contest below and don’t forget to enter the October contest.

What school/pro football team do like to cheer on to a victory when you sip bourbon with your friends?

Team Name%
Alabama Crimson Tide0.9%
Appalachian State0.1%
Arkansas Razorbacks0.3%
Atlanta Braves0.1%
Atlanta Falcons0.1%
Auburn Tigers0.1%
Baltimore Ravens0.6%
Baylor Bears0.1%
Buffalo Bills0.8%
Carolina Panthers0.3%
Chicago Bears2.2%
Cincinnati Bearcats14.2%
Cincinnati Bengals12.1%
Clemson Tigers0.8%
Cleveland Browns1.7%
Dallas Cowboys0.8%
Denver Broncos0.1%
Detroit Lions0.6%
Duke Blue Devils0.1%
Eastern Kentucky Colonels0.1%
Elder Highschool Panthers0.1%
FC Cincinnati Lions6.0%
Florida Gators0.1%
Georgia Bulldogs0.9%
Green Bay Packers2.6%
Humbold State Lumberjacks0.1%
Illinois Fighting Illini0.4%
Indiana Hoosiers0.4%
Indianapolis Colts1.2%
Iowa Hawkeyes0.3%
Iowa State0.1%
Kansas City Chiefs1.3%
Kentucky Wildcats6.9%
LA Rams0.1%
Louisville Cardinals2.3%
LSU Tigers0.4%
Marian University Knights0.1%
Marshall Thundering Herd0.1%
Miami Dolphins0.5%
Michigan State Spartans0.6%
Michigan Wolverines1.5%
Minnesota Vikings0.8%
Mississippi State Bulldogs0.1%
Missouri Tigers0.4%
Nebraska Cornhuskers0.1%
New England Patriots0.4%
New Orleans Saints0.1%
New York Giants2.2%
Notre Dame14.0%
Ole Miss Rebels0.3%
Penn State0.4%
Philadelphia Eagles0.5%
Pittsburg Steelers1.4%
Purdue Boilermakers0.6%
San Francisco 49ers0.1%
Seattle Mariners0.4%
Syracuse Orange0.1%
Tampa Bay Bucs0.8%
Tennessee Titans0.3%
Tennessee Volunteers0.4%
Texas A&M0.1%
Texas Longhorns0.5%
Texas Tech0.1%
The Ohio State6.5%
Three Rivers Yellow Jackets0.1%
The United States Air Force Academy0.3%
US National Team (Men’s)0.1%
Virginia Cavaliers0.1%
Virginia Tech Hokies0.3%
Wake Forest Demon Deacons0.1%
Washington Commanders0.4%
West Virginia Mountaineers0.1%
Wisconsin Badgers0.4%
Youngstown State Penguins0.1%

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