Everything You Need To Know About The Single Barrel Select Day



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Single Barrel Select Drawing Event

The first-ever Single Barrel Select Drawing Event will be streamed LIVE on March 31st from 6:00pm-7:00pm EST. For sure to visit the official Single Barrel Select site for full disclosures.

The Drawings

Based on eligibility requirements (found below), each SBS account holder will have the opportunity to enter into two drawings. The number of SBS Points an account holder has will equal the number of entries included in both drawings. For the drawing, account numbers will be printed on each entry to identify the winners. Please log in to your SBS Account to find your account number.

Drawing 1:
Buffalo Trace Drawing. Eligibility: SBS Members with Buffalo Trace identified in ‘Brand Preferences’ and all accounts with no ranking completed.

Drawing #2: Sazerac Premier Drawing. Brands: Stagg, Colonel E.H. Taylor, Bowman Brothers Small Batch, Weller Full Proof, Eagle Rare, Blanton’s. Eligibility: SBS Members that have entered ‘Brand Preferences’ in their account by March 10th. Note: This will be prepopulated for those that completed the brand preferences survey in December and no further action is required.


What brands are available?
Brand availability changes from time to time. This website contains the most up-to-date information on barrel availability.

How much does a barrel cost?
Prices can vary from approximately $5,000 to $825,000 depending on the brand you select and the ultimate yield of your barrel. The total cost is calculated by multiplying the price per bottle by the number of bottles your barrel yields. (Don’t forget to add your local sales tax!). The price per bottle is determined by the retailer that facilitates your purchase.

Is a deposit required to place an order?
Not by us. However, some retailers may request a deposit before agreeing to facilitate your purchase.

Do I get the empty barrel?
Yes! It is included with your purchase of the bottles.

Do I buy directly from the distillery?
In the United States, distilleries must adhere to a three-tier distribution system, which mandates that all sales be made through a licensed retail outlet. If you do not have a retail partner to complete the process, we will help match you with one.

Do I get to take the full barrel home?
Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Once you select and personalize your barrel, we’ll hand-bottle it in its entirety according to your specifications.

How many bottles come in a barrel?
The yield varies from barrel to barrel, and no two barrels produce a spirit with the exact same amount as a result. Most barrels will yield between 160-240 bottles. The estimated yield per brand can be found on the spirits page.

How are the bottles personalized?
We’ll work with you to design a personalized medallion for the bottles yielded from your barrel. Personalized medallion type varies by brand, but all medallions can include your logo and or the verbiage of your choosing.

Can I age the barrel after I pick it up?
Sorry, no. But rest assured that it isn’t necessary. Our experts have determined that the barrel has aged up to its full potential and it will be bottled within 16-20 weeks of selection

Can I bottle it in my own designed package?
We will bottle your barrel in the classic package of your chosen brand. Personalization is limited to the personalized medallion.

Can I taste it at the distillery?
It depends on the brand you choose and the distillery where it is produced. Most of our offerings can be tasted and selected at the distillery of origin. You will have the option to schedule a visit during the ordering process. Please do!

Can consumers buy barrels?
Yes, but you must purchase your bottles through a retailer. If you do not have a retail partner to complete the process, we will gladly help match you with one.

Can I do barrel proof?
We will bottle the barrel at the established proof of the brand you choose.

How long does it take?
Once a barrel is selected and your bottles are personalized it will take approximately 16 to 20 weeks to receive your bottles and empty barrel.

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